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Win a FREE trade licence and up to USD 25,000 in cash.

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We are going through an economic reset

An environment beneficial to entrepreneurs.


The world needs a new way forward. We have to innovate manufacturing, rethink consumption and introduce new products. We have to develop brand new ways of evaluating problems and solving them. The world has changed and so should everything with it. And here lies your opportunity.

To launch a company, you not only need to be bold. You need the right skills, mentorship, company setup partner and investment.
Virtuzone and Mind Cloud Academy have teamed up to provide you with all that support. We are looking for 10 teams of 2 participants each with innovative business ideas to take part in our startup accelerator programme certified by the KHDA. The accelerator will help you develop the skills you need to launch and grow your business. At the end of it, you will get to pitch your idea to a jury of VCs and Angel Investors for your chance to win a free trade licence and up to USD 25,000 in cash.



Deadline For Submitting
Your Business Idea

Participants Announced

Programe Overview

The Programme’s mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their skills and launch their businesses in the UAE. Mind Cloud Academy will choose 10 teams of 2 participants each to take part in the accelerator program me. The 10 week KHDA-Certified Program me will take place every Saturday starting Q1 2021 and will help participants develop 10 essential startup related skills:

At the end of the program me, all participants will present their business ideas to a panel of judges (VCs and Angel Investors) for final feedback and the possibility of financing. Up to 3 business ideas will be rewarded with a free 1-year trade license and the winning idea will receive up to USD 25,000 in cash. Additionally, we will provide a 20% discount on the company setup fees for all accelerator participants.

Selection Criteria

A team of 2 founding members committed to launching the idea and going through the accelerator programme:

Can identify their skillset gaps.

Have an initial Business Model ready.

Have a business idea that is new and not funded before

Can specify what the financial challenges to support the venture are.

Will expand on any other challenges they are facing.

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