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Learning Journey

Step-by-step tutorials and tool-builders for your
Business Plan, starting with your Business Model Canvas all
the way to your Investment Deck (learn more)

Experts Path

An online marketplace of experts and tutorials
covering multiple topics of expertise ranging from
Customer Acquisition to Legal (learn more)

You’re ready! What has landed you here is your biggest strength, the desire to step into your vision. We offer you our five valuable attributes of knowledge, skills, confidence, credibility and networks. In return, we invite you to share with us your courage, commitment, vision, achievement and success.

Founded in 2019 in the UAE, Mind Cloud Tribe is a unique platform of tutorials (videos, tools & tool-builders) to help you build your business plan as well as a network of experts and resources to work with. We are a tribe of like-minded people coming together to support you on your entrepreneurship journey.

Stepping into your vision requires a bold mindset, a set of skills, and the support of your “Tribe”.

Learning Journey

Mind Cloud Tribe has designed a practical, step-by-step journey comprised of video-tutorials, tools and tool-builders. The journey is designed for entrepreneurs at different stages. We will guide you through building your business plan, starting with your Business Model Canvas, all the way to your Investment Deck.


Our learning journey is individually catered for:

New Entrepreneurs

just getting started

Corporate Intrapreneurs

at the outset of innovative ventures

Growth Entrepreneurs

small business owners expanding their business

Fund-raising Entrepreneurs

at the revenue generating stage, aiming to raise funds

The tutorials (videos, tools and tool-builders) will guide you through building your business plan and your investment deck.

The segments we cover are:

Business Model Canvas

Go-To-Market Strategies

Financial Management

Legal Structure

Investment Deck

Experts Path

Mind Cloud Tribe gathered a group of inspirational experts committed to sharing their knowledge and working with entrepreneurs towards developing strategies for success.

Our video series is divided by topics and relevant experts, allowing you to dig deeper into each subject matter.

The topics of expertise covered include:

MVP/Prototyping, Marketing, Digital Marketing & Sales, PR, Branding, Customer Acquisition, UX/IX, SEO/SEM, Finance & Valuation, Legal, Design Thinking, Scaling-Up, Pivoting, HR, General Management, Leadership, Pitching, and many more.

Our portal also allows you to work on an individual, one-on-one basis, with the expert corresponding to your particular need.


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