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Mind Cloud Tribe aims at enabling intrapreneurs with intrapreneurial skillset and mindset needed to lead innovation and disruption within their organizations. Mind Cloud Tribe also aims at supporting entrepreneurship by enabling entrepreneurs to have the skillset and mindset to help them start, execute and grow their businesses and overcome challenges while empowering them on a personal level.

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Transform Your Organization Through Intrapreneurship

Forward thinking organizations know that the most important asset they have is their people, and upskilling and developing their people is today an essential key to all thriving organizations. Developing an intrapreneurship skillset and mindset empowers employees to take the initiative, identify strategies, and overcome barriers to organizational growth. Such organizations will be at the forefront of creative thinking, problem solving and team-led innovation with the goal of solving organizational challenges and responding to current drastic market changes.


Support Your Ecosystem with The Cutting Edge of Entrepreneurship & Business Growth


The current market conditions and trends demand entrepreneurs and business owners to embrace and enable a culture of entrepreneurship in and around their organization from being lean to pivoting their business model. Their ecosystem needs to be supported with access to tools and skillsets for their success, as well as proper mentorship and guidance from leading experts.

Intrapreneurship Insights

As firms seek agile new ways to drive growth and engage employees, proven frameworks and tools used in intrapreneurship need to be adopted by larger organizations.

The speed of innovation is increasing an Covid era, and most organizations are aggressively seeking Innovation Strategies.

Market trends & consumer-behavior change, demand leaders to enable an intrapreneurship culture and embrace creative thinking and team-based innovation.

Careem, Google, Facebook, PropertyFinder are leading examples of intrapreneurship. These companies positively encourage employees to develop radical ideas for business growth.

Pre Covid, 65% of training seekers prefered online-based courses. Covid, made it a necessity.

Comprehensive Business Skills training programs lead to a 218% Higher revenue per employee

Firms need to empowers employees to take initiatives, solve problems & redesign frameworks for growth.

Pre Covid, 72% of organizations believe that eLearning puts them at a competitive advantage. Covid increased the demand and the need to 100%.

Entrepreneurship Insights

49.4% of startups have less than 6 months runway – Data, as of 20th May 2020 according to Wamda Survey of 300 Startups

SMEs contribute to 55-60% of the economy of any country, and most countries are planning to raise that participation further in the coming years.

90% of all startups fail within the 1st 36 months in the Middle East.

Top 2 reason of failure for entrepreneurs is lack of metrics, systems, and processes.

Top 3 reason of failure for entrepreneurs is weak market research and weak go-to-market strategies

Top 4 reason of failure for entrepreneurs is poor execution due to lack of skills and upskilling.

The top 1 reason for failure for entrepreneurs is lack of funding or insufficient income to sustain.

32% of successful startups is due to great execution with the right skills & right strategies.



Giving employees the tools, skillset & mindset to innovate and gain competitive advantage.

  • Learning and Development

    Develop and build capabilities by up-skilling the people you currently have.

  • Change the Mindset and Culture

    Encourage employess to take the initiative and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Spark Innovation From Within

    Produce innovative ideas and new initiatives throughout your organization to spearhead growth.



Support the ecosystem of startups and SMEs for a thriving economy.

  • Grow your Ecosystem

    Empower the entrepreneurs and business owners with skillset & mindset for growth.

  • Create Sustainable impact

    The name of the game today is for businesses to reassess business model, become leaner and adapt

  • Support Future Success Stories

    Give people who want to create businesses or the next wave of needed innovations the ultimate A to Z training.

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