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To run and grow a successful business, advisory can be the right bridge for success.


Nobody knows your business better than you do. However, bringing your vision and aspirations for your startup to fruition can be a rocky path. Getting a hands-on advisor can materially improve the way your company operates and achieve your goals quicker by leveraging the experience of professionals who have walked the same path. The advisor can think about all aspects of your business and provide an external point of view essential to founders who often deep dive into specific tasks and sometimes miss the big picture. The advisor will provide proper advice, useful intros, help you develop an investment plan, give you social proof and monitor you decision making process. In a nutshell, set your business on the right course.

Designed by Mind Cloud Academy and Advisors Genny-Ghanimeh and Marwan Salem, the advisory process covers the core components of an effective success roadmap for your startup or business.

We Practically Do Together

First, we will help you get investment ready by:


  • Assisting you in setting your operational plan,
  • Identifying you unique selling proposition,
  • Establishing the right go-to-market and customer acquisition strategy,
  • Creating credible financial projections resulting in the development of a pitch deck and financial model presentable to investors and VCs.

Following the investment and if need be, we can assist you in developing your business by advising management on every aspect of your operation including but not limited to sales strategy, setting processes, high level digital marketing plan and HR policy.

Our approach is not one of a consultant but rather practical advisory where we accompany the founders reach their goals.


Who is Advisory for?


  • Startups and small business who want to grow and expand
  • Founders, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to raise funding

Marwan Salem



Marwan is an e-commerce expert, strategy advisor and qualified finance professional turned entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience in business planning, corporate finance, investment banking, research, private equity, digital strategy, innovation and operations. He delivered successful projects in different industries among which real estate, banking, microfinance, telecom and retail in Lebanon, UK, USA, France, African and GCC countries before co-founding and managing an ecommerce and dynamic pricing operation in the UK and operating it during 6 years. Marwan has strong, practical, analytical and interpersonal skills with extensive knowledge in getting companies investment ready. He believes above all in intellectual integrity and good corporate governance in order to create sustainable, long lasting and scalable operations. Marwan provides mentorship and strategy consultancy services on a regular basis in the digital field (i.e. financial modelling, pitch deck preparation, feasibility studies, operational and strategy planning) and is invested in several startups in online retail, edutech and proptech. Marwan has a bachelor degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut and a Master degree in Management and Finance from ESCP Europe. He has taught for seven years at Saint Joseph University in Beirut.

Genny Ghanimeh



Following her passions for the MicroFinance & the Online industries, and after a life-altering trek in Kilimanjaro, Genny founded Pi Slice in March 2013 and negotiated a partnership agreement with MicroWorld from the Group PlanetFinance to build and administer the first crowd-lending platform for microfinance in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This journey led to Genny founding Mind Cloud Academy, the 1st entrepreneurship academy teaching a program of 10 certified courses under KHDA, including Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Finance & Investment, Marketing/PR, Customer Acquisition, Sales & Operations, Legal & Governance, Mindful Leadership, Scaling Up, Pivoting. The program ends with a demo day of the investment deck to a panel of regional VCs & Investors. Genny also launched a Business Coaching Track under Mind Cloud, helping entrepreneurs on one-on-one in their journey from validating & testing their business model and implementing growth strategies, to getting ready to pitch investors. Founding Mind Cloud Tribe comes as a natural progression after Mind Cloud Academy. An online platform of tutorials, tools, tool-builders for the Business Plan and the Investment, along a market-place for experts and tutorials. Mind Cloud Tribe’s vision is to allow anyone, anywhere, to overcome all the barriers and challenges, be able to fulfill their dreams and step into their vision.

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