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What has landed you here is your biggest strength, the desire to step into your vision. We offer you our five valuable attributes of knowledge, skills, confidence, credibility and networks. In return, we invite you to share with us your courage, commitment, vision, achievement and success. 


Stepping into your vision requires a bold mindset, a set of skills, and the support of your "Tribe"


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About Mind Cloud Tribe

Experts Tutorials

Mind Cloud Tribe has gathered a group of successful and inspirational experts committed to sharing their knowledge and working with entrepreneurs towards solving problems and developing strategies for success.

Our video tutorials is divided by 20+ Categories and 30+ Experts, allowing you to dig deeper into each subject matter. Discover what Expert Tutorials and Categories are the most popular

Most watched Tutorials

Most Popular Categories

  • Business Model (4)

  • Crypto (1)

  • Digital Marketing (6)

  • E-Commerce (3)

  • Finance & Valuation (7)

  • Fundraising (3)

  • General Management (1)

  • Human Resources (HR) (3)

  • Intrapreneurship (1)

  • Leadership (5)

  • Legal & Governance (3)

  • Marketing (8)

  • Public Relations (PR) (1)

  • Sales (6)

  • Scaling Up (2)

  • SEO / SEM (1)

  • UI / UX (1)

  • Venture Building (1)

  • Web 3 (1)

Learning Journey

We have designed a practical, step-by-step journey of video-tutorials and tool-builders to guide you through building your Business Plan, starting with your Business Model Canvas, all the way to your Investment Deck.

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Learning Journey - How It Works

Journey Includes:


  •  Professional Certification
  •  16 Video Tutorials
  •  16 Tool-Builders
  •  16 Downloadable Tools

Learning Journey Content

  • 1. Intro To Learning Journey

    2. Business Model Canvas

    • Business Model Canvas
    • Value Proposition Canvas

  • 3. Marketing Strategies

    • SWOT Analysis Template
    • Position And Marketing Mix
    • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • Customer Journey
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Online Sales Funnel

  • 4. Financial Management

    • Intro To Financial Management
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet Statement
    • Break Even Point-Sheet
    • Discounted Cashflow Valuation

  • 5. Legal Structures

    • Legal Term Sheet

    6. Investment Deck

    • Investment Or Pitch Deck

Who Is It For?

Our Learning Journey is designed for entrepreneurs at all different stages


    Looking to start a business and requiring direction


    Looking to launch a venture within their institution


    Looking to grow their business and up-skill their team


    Looking to grow their business and up-skill their team

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No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, Mind Cloud Tribe is your partner to bridge all the knowledge gaps, and be equipped to make the right decisions.

Making the right decisions is the number one success factor for any entrepreneur or business owner. We provide guidance and services to determine you're on the right path.

  • Darien EllulFounder of Eidya

    What our Members love

    Mind Cloud Tribe was the difference-maker for my startup business. I thought I knew everything I needed to know to launch my own startup. However, early on using the platform, I soon discovered that I had overlooked some key and critical areas. The tutorials taught me everything I need to know and critically, where I had to improve upon. It's potentially the difference between success and failure.

    I cannot recommend Mind Cloud Tribe enough. I wish I had signed up earlier as I would have saved myself a considerable amount of time and money launching my startup.

    You'r be crazy not to give it a try! It will absolutely change your life and give you the best possible chance of success

  • Nabil AzarCo-Founder of Digi Agri Ltd

    What our Members love

    What made me join Mind Cloud Tribe and Mind Cloud Academy even though I believed that I had enough knowledge in some topics more than others, were 2 main points: 1st, that Mind Cloud did not want anything in return except supporting startups to be or make a difference and land an investment, and  2nd, the way Genny Ghanimeh led and designed the courses and program was always something new to learn and to be challenge with. It opened the door for me to validate what I know and how to improve myself.

    I am happily supporting Mind Cloud back because knowledge/experience is not to be kept but to be given, and Mind Cloud truly has that as a top value. Looking forward for pitching to investors and nail some investment.

  • Sahar DavodiFounder of Pure Blue

    What our Members love

    When 2 siblings are co-founders like my case, we didn't pay attention to what are each others roles, and we learned that each has to have specific roles and responsibilities if we want to succeed and grow our family business. What was highlighted the most to me is to go into the vastness of the business and address each part by itself while not losing sight of the wider vision.

  • Kushbu SuranaFounder of LaunShe

    What our Members love

    Entrepreneurship is a lonely and difficult journey. I never knew I could do and learn so many things. It took me to the next level, from brainstorming the idea to building the financial model. Now I have the confidence to launch my own business, something I never had before, and for that it is worth it.

  • Jad El JamousFounder at Livada

    What our Members love

    Mind Cloud really helped shape our strategy and develop a investment-ready pitch. Every week we would dive into one aspect of the business with clear deliverables and supporting frameworks. The insights gained from Genny herself, the sharing of knowledge feedback with other team members, and the knowledge from other experts helped me progress much faster towards launching Livada and developing our story

  • Nour SabriFounder at borrowme

    What our Members love

    Mind Cloud was instrumental in helping me shape my startup business strategy by guiding me through the development of my business concept, strategy and plan. All of which resulted into being investment-ready and have a solid investor deck.

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