Public Relations – 101 for Startups

Basics of PR / How to Approach Media / PR Pitch / PR Tips on a Low Budget.

Created by Michela Simone

English Last updates 2019-08-27

· August 27, 2019
In this tutorial, you will learn:
  • Getting Started: Basic PR training for your startup considering you have 0 or very minimal budget: (What is PR? What is PR on a Low Budget? Challenges, The Who’s of PR, Know Your Audience).
  • Practical guide on how to approach Media: (Understand a Journalist’s Coverage Area and Audience, Know What is Newsworthy).
  • Understand how to create a PR pitch for your company: (Have a Concise, Value-Driven Message, Customize Your Pitches, Have Useful Assets Available, Consider Exclusives and Embargoes, Offer Unique Data, Follow Reporters on Social Media, Don’t Pester Journalists).
  • PR Tips on a Low Budget.

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