Mind Cloud Tribe is a unique platform of tutorials (videos, tools & tool-builders) developed to help you build your business plan as well as a marketplace of experts, courses and resources to work with. Mind Cloud Tribe was founded in 2019 in the UAE, and is part of the Mind Cloud Academy.

The Learning Journey:

Mind Cloud Tribe has designed a practical, step-by-step journey for Entrepreneurs at different stages (New Entrepreneur, Corporate Intrapreneur, Growth Entrepreneur, Fundraising Entrepreneur). The journey is comprised of tutorials (videos, tools, and tool-builders) that will guide you through building your business plan and your investment deck. Our tutorials will take you from the Business Model Canvas, through the Go-To-Market Strategies, Financial Management, Legal Structure, and finishing with the Investment Deck.

The Experts Path:

Mind Cloud Tribe gathered a group of successful and inspirational experts committed to sharing their knowledge and working with entrepreneurs towards solving problems, and developing strategies for success. The areas of expertise covered include:

MVP/Prototyping, Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR, Branding, Customer Acquisition, UX/IX, SEO/SEM, Finance & Valuation, Legal, Design Thinking, Scaling-Up, Pivoting, General Management, Leadership, Pitching, and many more.


A Mind Cloud is what distinguishes a group of people, through its ideas, experiences, linguistics, behavioral patterns and final outcome. It answers questions like “How are we different from the rest?”, “Why do we do what we do?”, and “What do we want to achieve?”.

A Mind Cloud can only be realized through the manifestation of Work. This work is deemed worthy by its Final Outcome. This worthy outcome then generates a New Mindset. All that is required is to STEP INTO YOUR VISION and work!



Prior to Mind Cloud, Genny founded Pi Slice, a crowd-lending platform for micro-finance, spearheading financial inclusion and impact investing for the MENA region micro-entrepreneurs. Throughout 5 years, 300+ unbanked micro-entrepreneurs were able to grow their small businesses with Pi Slice’s support.

As rewarding as it was to see the input that Pi Slice had, she always knew there was more to contribute. Drawing lessons from experiences on the field, she was marked by three major ones.

The first lesson was to realize that the sustainability of knowledge and education is much more valuable than the funding, to any entrepreneur.

The second lesson was that entrepreneurship is not just about launching a new business but first about ‘having a vision’, and, more importantly, ‘having the courage to step into that vision’. Stepping into our vision requires the courage to take the journey and find our deep ‘why’, the strength to boldly navigate uncertainty, and the openness to allow the universe to guide us.

The third lesson was that as big as the idea is and as abundant as the resources are, the only success that matters is the long lasting success!

It’s from those lessons that Mind Cloud was born!


Mind Cloud Academy is a unique Business & Entrepreneurship Academy founded in 2016 in the UAE.

From the outset, Mind Cloud Academy gathered around it a group of successful and inspirational entrepreneurs committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with the wider crowd eager to join this ecosystem.

Mind Cloud Academy is built on good practice and the delivery of a unique educational program that fits the business and the skills needs of each particular entrepreneur, intrapreneur, executive, and business owner who wants to succeed.

Mind Cloud Academy’s flagship program is a hands-on educational experience, and the first of its kind in the region. It is where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs come together for 10 inspirational weeks of ideating, iterating, testing, measuring, planning and building, to launch or grow their businesses.

Each cohort at Mind Cloud Academy ends with a Demo Day. Graduates showcase their Investment Decks and their level of preparation to a jury of VCs, Family Offices and Angel Investors Groups.

Demo Days
VC Firms - Jury



Tom Speechley

Early-stage VC Partner focusing on life-sciences, senior care, longevity and emerging market healthcare delivery


Joe Kawkabani

Group Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer at KIPCO Holding


Yann Borgstedt

Founder and President of the Womanity Foundation




Genny Ghanimeh

Founder and Managing Partner


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